Why Modular? Discover the Miller Advantage.


Miller Homes are the epitome of performance, architectural beauty and energy efficiency. Each custom-built modular design is constructed in a state-of-the-art, climate-controlled environment to ensuring code compliance and total quality control. In addition, your modular residence can be created to fit virtually any style, size and floor plan. Miller Homes are the smart way to build, offering many advantages over traditional, stick-built construction.



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Miller Homes is a family-owned and operated business, creating distinctive modular homes for clients along the Jersey Shore including Monmouth, Ocean, Atlantic, Burlington and Cape May County NJ. Tailoring homes to suit the diverse needs of our customers, each custom modular home represents the best in craftsmanship, sustainable design and functional living.

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Homes to Suit Every Need

Miller Homes' modular designs are ideal for a range of building needs. These include:

  • Rebuilding: Rather than selling an aging home and relocating to a new area, many homeowners prefer to retain their existing property and "start over" with their home. For these clients, Miller Homes manages the entire process—from demolition of the existing structure to completion of the new home.
  • Dream homes: When it is time to retire or relocate your family to the perfect, long-term residence, Miller Homes makes it happen. We will help you select the ideal property, if needed; and create a custom floor plan that suits your vision. From quaint capes to sprawling Colonials, we realize your dreams affordably and efficiently.
  • Second homes: In addition to primary residences, Miller Home specializes in building second homes for retirees, families and single homeowners. Whether you're looking for a beachfront getaway or a city spread, we'll customize your second home to suit your budget and lifestyle.


Building a home along the Jersey Shore means working around unpredictable climate patterns. Sun, rain, wind and snow can cause costly, weather-related problems-including lumber warping, drywall damage, foundation settling and mold growth. Miller Homes are built in a climate-controlled environment, making it easy to organize the construction process and ensure absolute quality control. In addition, our custom-built homes are designed to fit your lifestyle, and constructed with incomparable craftsmanship and consistent product quality.

Because Miller Homes are built in a factory with total environmental control, our team has access to sophisticated equipment and computer technology that's not available to on-site builders. For homeowners, this means precision assembly, robust structural stability and unparalleled construction quality.

Design Flexibility

Many homeowners believe that they'll be limited in design and functionality if they choose a custom modular home. This is simply not the case. Your Miller Home can be constructed in any size and layout, and offers endless opportunity for customization. Add this design versatility to your home's premium construction quality, and you'll wonder why you didn't call us sooner.

Fast Move-In

For most people, building a new home takes a year—or even more. With Miller Homes, your home is built in a controlled, indoor environment, taking weather delays out of the equation. Because of this streamlined process, your home could be move-in ready in as few as 90 days from day of set.

Cost-Effective Construction

Modular construction is an affordable way to build your dream home. Due to Miller's controlled, organized construction system, your costs are fixed. And since you won't be paying for materials loss due to weather, vandalism or construction waste, you'll stick to your budget. That means there won't be any unpleasant surprises at closing.

Green, Energy-Efficient Design

Miller uses the latest in innovation and advanced engineering to create your new home. From premium insulation and high-performance windows to superior craftsmanship and energy-efficient HVAC systems, your custom-built modular home will save you money, keep you healthy and comfortable-and reduce your use of natural resources. Dedicated to sustainable building, Miller Homes participates in LEED and Energy Star programs. These third-party certifications ensure that your home meets Green construction requirements and measurable environmental standards.